Plato, Symposium,Β The Myth of Aristophanes

“Once upon a time human beings were perfect creatures in need of nothing. There was no distinction between men and women, no gender at all. But Zeus, envious of such a concordance, split them in two and since that moment, each of us is constantly looking for his own half to restore that ancient perfection”.

The Sun is Also a Star – Nicola Yoon


❀ Natasha & Daniel ❀

This book lasted about a couple of hours in my hands, i devoured it. I loved everything about it, the story, the characters, what they think, how they think, their actions and the consequences they have in each other lives, but mostly how they impact through small gestures the lives of everyone around.

The style of this author had me in love at the first chapter, simple but complicated I cant even find the right words to describe it.

Natasha and Daniel are so young but with a great intellect and rich spirit, lovely couple, mostly I loved the way Daniel knows she is meant to be with him.

Totally worth to read an reread, and to think that everything happens in the time frame of only 24 hours, what an incredibly inspiring love and life story.

Thank You for reading my thoughts on it!
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